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Alice & Hamish is a children's boutique that specializes in adorable clothing, unique toys, and cute essentials for boys and girls Newborn-8.

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The Dinglebeast Needs to Sleep - Book

childrens books scranton.jpg
childrens books scranton.jpg

The Dinglebeast Needs to Sleep - Book


Fuzzy and furious, the Dinglebeast is tired and just wants to sleep. But the world around her has other ideas. With a roar, she goes on the run to find a place to rest her head.

Follow along as the Dinglebeast travels far and wide across a vivid, spectacular landscape. And watch as she discovers that peace of mind doesn’t have to start with peace and quiet.

Amazing artistry and a whimsical story make this book a delight for adults and children alike.

  • Authentic emotion
  • Listening
  • Caring
  • Overcoming obstacles

Published by Woodland Way, United States

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